The Calling

by: Rev. Evan Willhite

June 30th, 2020

I was recently approached by Rick Bennett, the Field Coordinator for the Tennessee CBF about offering a musical selection for the annual State Gathering. I had been in the process of writing a new song when he mentioned the topic of this year's gathering: "Toward Bold Faithfulness." The song idea fit with the topic so clearly that it was one of those times when you know two moments have collided on purpose. I offered the original song and Rick courageously took me up on it, so we moved forward from there.

Over the next couple of weeks as the song started to take form, I knew I needed help with a couple of things. First, I was struggling with some of the lyrics and had recently been in touch with an old Divinity School friend, David Brewer, with whom I had cowritten before. He helped me polish the final lyrics, for which I'm very grateful (thanks, Dave!). And finally, the song begged for harmonies, so I reached out to a couple of folks I used to lead worship with, Danny Tucker and Christin Ayre. We met up on a Saturday at the old chapel at Rehoboth UMC and had a blast fumbling through it (thanks Danny and Christin!).

The video for the song and lyrics are below. May it be for you, as it has been for me, a reminder of the joyful and challenging call of our Savior.


Hear the Savior calling
Calling out to you
There’s a road to freedom
But there is something you must do

May the life you choose
Be the one you lose
By your love you are set free
In the suffering
Is a calling
Take up your cross and follow me

See, there is a vision
A kingdom breaking through
Where you see wasteland
He is making all things new


It’s enough to believe in what you’ve found
That love will make you lay your own life down
You cannot hear the Savior’s call
And still be the same
And not be changed
And not walk away from what you’ve known

May the life you choose
Be the one you lose
By your love you are set free
In unending joy
Hear the Savior’s voice
Take up your cross and follow me

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