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Why Cooperative Baptist?

by: Rev. Evan WillhiteFebruary 16th, 2021

In the first post, "Why Church?," I made a case for being a part of the church in general, arguing that it can be a source of true community, rootedness, and joy, characteristics so often elusive in today’s culture. In this post, I seek to answer the question, “Why Cooperative Baptist?” - or said differently - “Why in a sea of churches and denominations (including non-denominational) should I care about being associated with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)?


Why Church?

by: Rev. Evan WillhiteFebruary 3rd, 2021

It’s a valid question, and many are asking and not arriving at an answer. For a restless season in my own life, I struggled to answer it. But I now believe whole-heartedly that this question has an answer, and one that speaks specifically into our own day and time.


Preparing for Advent

by: Rev. Evan WillhiteNovember 25th, 2020

Last year around this time, a couple of insights came across my radar that shifted my thinking around Advent and helped add new layers of meaning to this time of the year. The ideas aren’t mine and they aren’t new - in fact, they are very, very old...

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