Zooming to Church on Sundays

by: Mrs. Naomi Hughes

June 1st, 2020

Before the Corona virus, zooming to church occurred on the Sundays when we left for church a few minutes late. We zoomed, slightly over the speed limit, attempting to make every green light to get to church on time. Thanks to the Corona pandemic, we are unable to meet in our regular church location. Zooming to Church is now using the Zoom webinar to attend church via the internet. Thanks to this digital setup, we have no exposure to the virus, no need for masks and gloves.

What we learned about Zoom

  1. Unless you mute your microphone, what you just whispered to your wife got broadcast to the whole church.
  2. You can’t sneak and eat breakfast during church, we can hear you chewing.
  3. That quiet little cough becomes a booming cannon on the output end.

Mute Buttons are our Friends

  1. It’s okay to mute everyone during prayers, sermons and even songs. Due to varied equipment and transmission rates it is impossible for all of us to sing together. We created our own little echo chambers, better than mountains or the Grand Canyon.
  2. Pastor Amanda is getting quite spoiled by the ability to mute us. When we go back to our regular worship inside a building, I fear she will be looking for that button that says mute all. Maybe we can install one for her so she can always get our services started on time.

Great things about Zoom Church Services

  1. Our church family from ages 4-87 were able to learn to come to service digitally.
  2. It’s great to see each other and send big smiles and waves.
  3. If you get a late start, you get dressed from shoulders up. Or you can turn off the video and hide your bad hair.
  4. Visitors are welcome, even from out of town.
  5. Non-human visitors are also welcome. We have had a variety of dogs and cats who attend our services.
  6. We have had a variety of critters watching us during the service. The squirrels come first, then the birds run them off. From brightly colored Indigo Buntings to big black crows, they line up to look through the glass doors. The birds especially like when we sing. They cock their little heads like they are trying to learn our song. I would not be surprised to go outside some day and hear the mockingbird whistling the Doxology.

In times like these, I think about the scriptures that speak of sending us through the fire, so we can be refined into gold. We don’t give up. We continue to praise and worship God.

If you would like to join us on Sundays, text your name and email address to Pastor Amanda at 615-517-8800. She will send you the Zoom address and password. Warning, while a sense of humor is required, it could change your life for the better. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we zoom to church.

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